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Google My Business / Local SEO

1. Optimization

Your Google Business Profile might be a great start, but let’s be honest, it’s the digital age, and we’re here to take things up a notch. With a Google Business Profile that’s finely tuned and optimized, your business isn’t just an option, it’s the top choice.

Through the magic of an optimized Business Profile powered by your very own Google My Business account, customers don’t just stumble upon you – they actively seek you out. Imagine this: they find you effortlessly, click to call you with excitement, browse your website eagerly, get all their FAQs answered, request a quote in a snap, book an appointment seamlessly, or even reserve a spot without a second thought.

But wait, there’s more! With our expert strategies, we’ll have your profile bustling with activity, pushing you right up the local ranking ladder. And that’s not all – you’ll get to keep an eagle eye on your progress, tracking every click to your website, appointments, or menu links with the power of UTMs and Google Analytics. Now that’s what we call taking the digital stage like a pro.

2. Managing

Sit back and relax while we weave the perfect online presence for your business. Our expert team will handle every aspect of your Business Profile, from crafting compelling ‘about us’ descriptions to keeping your page fresh with weekly Google posts and captivating images. We’ll be your virtual assistant, promptly addressing inquiries, gathering reviews, showcasing your offerings, and ensuring seamless communication with your customers. Let us take care of the nitty-gritty so you can focus on what you do best: running your business smoothly and effectively.

3. Google Ads

Ever met Google Ads? It’s the online advertising rockstar brought to you by Google. With it, unleash the power of online ads when your potential customers crave your offerings. More than a tool, it’s your digital sidekick for business promotion, sales, word-spreading, and traffic boosting. Managing your Google Ads account is a breeze—virtual adjustments at 2 AM? No problem. Tweak ad text, settings, and budget at will. No strings attached—no minimum spending, you’re the budget boss.

Wondering where your ad will shine? Your call. Pick your prime spot, set a budget that won’t break the bank, and witness the magic. Measuring your ad’s impact? A piece of cake. Ready for the digital stage? Google Ads is your ticket to online advertising stardom.

4. Local SEO

Unlocking the magic of Local SEO is like turning on the spotlight for your business in the local search scene. Picture this: a meticulously crafted Google Business Profile, a stellar online reputation, and a website optimized to steal the spotlight. At Upswing, we work with our marketing genie-us to make your business shine in the Local Pack, Local Finder, organic results, and even on the virtual streets of Google Maps. We’re not just into local link building; we’re sculptors of digital visibility. From taming the competitive search arena to battling spam, we’ve got your local SEO covered. Let’s transform your online presence into a local legend. Ready to be the star of the local search show? Let’s chat, and we’ll make it happen.


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