Hey! If you have come to this page, that means you wanna know a little more about us and we’re flattered. No? Oh… you butt-clicked and got here by accident? Well, either way, you’re here. This means the universe has conspired and our fates are now intertwined (Reminder: send thank you card to company fortune teller)

We are called Upswing, or as our dear clients like to call us, a marketing genie-us in a bottle. Not to toot our own horn or anything, but we’re kinda awesome. Spreading the word is what we do and we do it with much finesse. We are to your online business, what a cup of chai is to a rainy day: a love match (Alexa plays Careless Whisper).



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We'd love to hear what you have in mind and we’ll help turn your "idea" into something real, something only you could imagine. We can talk about your idea, fine-tune it, and then execute it. We can guide you in getting started on the path to creating a simple and well-tested realistic solution with your team. Let us help you make your project in mind a reality. Don't wait, send us a message now!

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Abdul Sathar


I have a dental clinic in tvm and the work done has really helped improve my business. Moreover, I like their work ethic, it really struck me when yadhu said we do not take more than 5 works from a place and the fact that their work has been spanning throughout Kerala.


Highly recommended for all . Their services is awesome and their staff is friendly . Keep going

Jabin O J

Gokul Pg


We have been running a salon for a few years now, and last 2 months our sales have been pretty weak due to covid. Social Media Marketing has really helped me improve my salon’s reputation as well as improve my sales, it has also helped me.


Upswing team were excellent in helping my business grow with social media marketing. We initially had about 100+ followers and now we have over 8k+. More importantly, these followers are people who are actually interested in our brand and we know a lot of our customers now follow us. Our business has gone from strength so strength since engaging the Upswing team and we cannot recommend them any higher! They are also incredibly honest and that is very refreshing!

Arjun Achu

Let us together build a flourishing business

When you connect with us, you are not alone in growing your business. We have your back and will do everything we can to help your team and company flourish. So, if you’re looking for the perfect organization to support you in building a strong online presence and boosting conversions and revenue, look no further!

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